Financial Software Publishers are required to modify software in order to enforce Validation of its users.

Through its most recent ruling in connection with Case No. 06-CV-1952JLS (JMA), a US Federal Court is prohibiting users of financial software broadly. G7 Productivity Systems (”G7”) and industry associates are required to deny customers and prospects the ability to create and deliver checks without enforcing court-specified validation procedures. More...

How can I comply?
  Validate Account Control
Login\Sign Up to and click on "Add Account"
New! Link your validated bank account to one or multiple gCard(s), the non-credit/debit card way to pay!
  Upgrade/Convert to Compliant Financial Software
Compliant financial software VersaCheck X1 is automatically aware of each account's validation status and will enable check printing capabilities to all validated users.
VersaCheck X1 Platinum
VersaCheck X1

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Compliance Benefits:
Payments by check based on the new platform are highly protected and safeguard consumers and businesses from bank account theft.